If you get a search error when searching in our database:

If you get a search error when searching our database, you may be hitting the Enter button on your keyboard instead of the Start Search button on screen. The Start Search button must be clicked for a search to be performed successfully.

If you are unable to get into our database to search:

If you are experiencing problems entering the Ars Libri database to perform a search, you may have an old version of the Netscape or Internet Explorere web browser that is not compatible with the web search features of the FileMaker software used for the Ars Libri database. Please read the following technical note for more information.

The Java applet used by the Instant Web Publishing feature of FileMaker Pro 4.1 has been certified to work with Netscape Navigator 3.0 and newer for Windows, Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 and newer for Windows, Netscape Navigator 3.0 and newer for the Mac OS, and with the Microsoft VM and Microsoft JIT VM for the Mac OS.

It is known to be incompatible with the Apple Computer Mac OS Runtime for Java versions 1.02 and 1.5, which means that it will not work with Apple Cyberdog or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 and newer (when using the Apple Java VM). If you have a guest accessing your databases using Instant Web Publishing and Microsoft Internet Explorer for Mac OS, have them change the Java VM used by the application to either of the Microsoft VMs, and restart MSIE. This will solve the problem. Apple is aware of the incompatibility in their Java VM.

(This statement is taken from the FileMaker 4.1 ReadMe file as posted on http://bugnet.com. Ars Libri Ltd. does not assume responsibility for its accuracy.)

If you choose to upgrade your web browser, we have provided links to the Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer download pages. Please note that Ars Libri Ltd. cannot provide support for the web browser installation process and assumes no responsibility or liability for any problems you may experience in installing new internet browser software. Thank you.

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