Search Instructions

General Instructions:
To search our database, put a search word or words in at least one of the search form fields, and click on the Start Search button. If you make a mistake and wish to clear your search, click on the Clear Search button.

If you know partial information about an item (i.e., some words from the title and the author's first name), you can enter search keywords in multiple search fields in order to locate the item.

The search will find items that fit all of the search criteria input. (i.e., a search on "Art, French" and "Architecture, French" will find only bibliographic records that have both of those subject headings. To find books either on "Art, French" or "Architecture, French", do two separate searches.)

Title and Series Searches:
These are title and series keywords searches. You may input words from various parts of the title - you do not need to know the beginning of the title or series name. Because these are keyword searches, you may also retrieve items that you do not expect. Punctuation is ignored in the search.

Publisher Searches:
The publisher's name has been input in the database as it appears on the book or periodical. Because the publisher's name has not been standardized, and the publisher's practice may vary over time, a search on a publisher's name may not retrieve all items available in the database for that publisher; you may need to try multiple variations to retrieve all items. When in doubt, please contact us at

Date of Publication Searches:
The publication date has been input in the database as it appears on the item. If the date of publication does not appear on the item, the date may either be listed as "n.d." or may be supplied in brackets.

Author and Artist Searches:
Personal names should be input "last name, first name". If you are unsure of the form of personal or institutional/corporate names used in our database, you may search the Ars Libri Name Authority File.

Subject Searches:
If you are unsure of the form of the subject heading used in our database, you may search the Ars Libri Subject Authority File. To narrow searches, combine subject headings to add precision to your search results.

Choose a search category at left to resume searching, or if you need further assistance in searching our database, please contact us at

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